The Tough Girl

I listened to Sarah’s podcast for some time now. What first attracted me was that all talk guests are women. I have to be honest here. When I first started to run, I was all about reading books, watching videos and those were mainly about men. I did love it but it gave me little excuse for never really going for it. I could explain to myself that I somehow am weaker, smaller or not as brave and therefore need to take it easy. Obviously that didn’t last and over time I started to look for female models who accomplished as much as men or even more that i could learn from. I needed female models who possibly go through the same struggles as I do. And I needed to know how they go through those tough moments without giving up.

This morning I sat with my coffee and looked through my twitter feed and then I saw Julie’s face on the Tough Girl podcast. I had to listen to it. Julie is behind the move “Too fat to run” she is also a member of my running club. She is fun and very inspirational. Even though I was never told that I am too fat to run, I do know lots people that hear it all the time. I found her talk with Sarah very refreshing, for me it wasn’t only about plus size women who struggle to run. I actually could relate to her issues and challenges. It isn’t all about the size, it is about being healthy and happy. Most of all her talk highlighted that we all have fears which stop us from doing what is good for us. We listen so much what others think about us that we forget to listen to our own voice. We fear that we might not fit in the society. But we are making the society. We are part of it. Julie said that we need to be confident in ourselves, but to do that, we have to grow, and to grow we have to push through those uncomfortable moments.

Julie’s talk was spot on. I believe every woman or a  man should listen to it. We all have different fears, different difficulties and barriers to go through. Julie shows us that if we put our mind to what we really want, everything is possible.

Tough Girl podcast is created especially for women, and in the world where there is so much female competition it is wonderful to know there are still few who don’t want to destroy each other but want to show others how to overcome own fears and become the Tough girls they were born to be.

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