Is it Love?

IMG_20160218_210417They say you appreciate things more when you lose them. This can be true for materialistic stuff, our friends and loved ones but also for our hobbies and interests.

It was Saturday afternoon,  I just left work and I was making my way to see trails in motion movies organised by @adventrunning. It was last minute decision and I was lucky someone had a spare ticket.

On the train I felt a little nervous. I only just learned that there would be a run before the movie. Of course I was excited but only just coming back from serious injury I was wondering if I could keep up with a group of amazing runners.

As I arrived I was welcomed by James, who I admire and look up to. He is one of those people who run the most amazing races in the world and yet he is humble and very approachable.  He does not think about himself as someone better and he definitely won’t make you feel any less.

Then Helena walked through the door and I knew the evening will be great laugh. 20160213_144231-01

We soon made our way out….but before we did we were given a task. To take photos before, during or after the run and title them “fall in love with running”….and with that we were out.

With every step, every laugh and with every photo taken I realised how much I missed it but most of all how much I loved it. I loved running and not just because of the physical gain or the feeling of accomplishment but also for the people and places it takes me. Maybe it wasn’t the most amzing of the trails or mountains in some exotic countries…but it made me feel so happy.

I run with a smile, turning every corner  and running every hill, cruising between the trees in a park, passing walkers on pavements and ducks in a ponds….I run like it would be my first time. Enjoying every second with every step.

We didn’t run far and we didn’t run fast. We stopped and laughed. We talked and we took photos.  And this is exactly what to love running means to me. IMG-20160213-WA0006-01

And then we came back to watch the movies. I felt emotional watching them. Seeing the ups and downs of other runners. Watching and learning how the passion for sport changes them and takes them to the places they wouldn’t normally go. And this is where I thought, I am very lucky girl because I did fell in love with running and even though I lost it for a while, that break made it clear just how much I want it in my life.

So is it love? For me it definitely is.





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