On my way to a recovery…

6 weeks finally came, I was sitting in the waiting area with my cast still on ready to finally have it off and restart my life. I was happy, a little nervous but had my shoes in my bag and was pretty much ready for the normality again. Kevin took my cast off and said I hope I won’t see you again, from there I went to do an x-ray and off to the doctor’s office. I was smiling and confident that all was good. But it wasn’t. Doctor didn’t smile. He asked me to stand up and walk and then looked at the ankle still swollen. He looked at the x- ray and said, look the fracture has healed but the bone did not fill in properly. You will need to wear a boot for 6 more weeks. You can start gentle stretches and strength exercises but that’s all. I laughed out loud and said he must be joking. Tears came to my eyes and I said its not possible, not another 6 weeks, but he was having none of my tears or pleading. Just sorry and I’ll see you in 6 weeks.  I left his office in a shock and disbelief. Went to see Kevin again, I think he was equally surprised. He tried to make a joke to cheer me up but it was too late. I was already in a dip black hole of a misery. I just couldn’t understand it. I am young, and healthy and fit so how come my leg wasn’t healing? I did everything right, I was resting, elevating taking it easy….why wouldn’t it heal…..??

Day has gone, I cried and cried and then I stopped. That would be last time I felt like this. Obviously there were reasons and I decided not to care what they might have been. Not my place to know. I went to see physio two days later. Amy was great, and harsh. She said to stop moaning and just get over it. She said do what I say and we will cut this recovery time in half. I know the drill and we will get there. I liked her and I liked what she said. We did small movements, she measured, and stretched and measured some more. She gave me couple of movements to try at home and said don’t be scared. Your body will tell you when you go to far. Listen to it. And I did. And this is where my recovery has truly started. Embedded image permalink

I did those exercises every day, It was strange, I basically had to learn to walk again. My leg was very weak and at point I felt like I am falling, but I didn’t stop. I carried on. I saw Amy week later and she was happy with my efforts. I got a green light to go to the gym. First session was short and painful. I did 5 minutes on the bike and I thought my heart will jump out! 2 minutes on cross trainer and my hips were in agony. And that was it, I was embarrassed and done. But no, this time I wouldn’t give up. It would take time but I would get there. I booked to see my sport’s massage therapist. I knew if there is one person who can awake my muscles it will be Roberto. And he did just that. It was painful, I was crying but once we were done I could feel the lightness on my legs and I knew it was worth it. I would go back to gym every day. I would add minute to each exercise and by the end of a week two I am happily cycling for 10 minutes followed by cross trainer fast walk and rowing. I add weights and ball strength exercises and I feel I am slowly getting my strength back.

It is slow process but my muscles are recovering well. My ankle is less and less painful. The area is less swollen and I even managed to go for a walk in my normal shoes without any support. I walked a circle in my local park. I listened to the birds and watched the sun go down. This was my happiest moments in weeks. I was walking like I did before and it was so special. I could not stop smiling. I will get there. It won’t be tomorrow or in a week but it will be soon. Because I am giving my body the time it needs, time to reboot and restart, so that when it’s ready I will be strong, or even stronger than before.

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