UkRunChat Running Weekend in Eastbourne June 2015

I was waiting for this weekend with a lot of anticipation and a little fear. I spoke to most of participants on tweeter, some I could call my twitter friends. But it would be first time when we meet in person. Would we get along, would we have enough to talk about? And then I realised, we are all passionate runners, silence shouldn’t be a problem at all…
We arrived to Eastborne in an early Friday evening and once unpacked we headed Welcometo a pub for dinner. Great start as food was delicious and we all chatted about our journey and what the weekend might bring. The evening gone fast and because next day we had lots of running to do, we all went to bed pretty quickly.
We woke up on Saturday bright and early and after some light breakfast we made our way to a Eastbourne ParkRun. I was excited as it was my first time. I heard so many things about park run and finally I was to run it! I was aiming for a PB too, was training hard to beat my sub 25min 5k so I was extra happy to learn that they had pacers running that weekend. I kept Eastbourne ParkRunvery close to sub 24min pacer and didn’t let go to the end! It was a great run, hard and challenging at times but having someone run with you, definitely made it easier. I finished as first lady in my age group and 8th overall with lovely sub 24min finish!
But this wasn’t the end of my running that morning. Karen, who lives in Eastbourne, guided our 10 mile run back on the bike. Myself Sherie, David and Annabeth set off to a beautiful run along the seafront back to hostel. Others went back by a car to get the breakfast ready!
In the afternoon we had some relax time and then we were welcomed by local Kundalini yoga teacher. It was hard session, I do find it difficult to relax and focus on my breathing. The poses were a challenge, not only for me but the feeling after,  was indeed, very special. Chanting and meditation session followed soon after. I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed chanting and how blissfully calm I felt afterwards.
Once the hard work was done, it was the bake off time. I was very lucky to be on the judging panel. Cakes, cupcakes and cookies were all amazing and it was hard job to pick a winner….but vegan cake done it!
After way too much cake we headed to a local park for some mindful running techniques. Annabeth showed us different tool to help improve our running and stay focused when the going gets tough. I was pleased that those tips I could use as soon as on our long Sunday run.
After day filled with running, chanting, meditating and cake eating we relaxed with a glass of wine before disappearing to our beds for much needed sleep.
We woke up on Sunday morning to yet another beautiful day. Before packing we all went for 6 mile trail run on the stunning South Downs Way. Karen led our way as we enjoyed the views. It was lovely to run on trails, and I think everyone’s legs South Downsthank us for the soft cushioning.  In no time we were back on the train, heading for London. Another great weekend was over. Till the next time. Because I realised, that this is why being a runner is so great. The passion for the sport, connects you not only with the nature but also with fabulous people. And those won’t disappear, there is always going to be someone willing to pack a bag and head for the trails…

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